Sponsorship Questions:

How much does it cost to support 1 girl for a school year?

What does my $200 donation provide?
The $200 donation provides one year’s worth of tuition, books, and uniforms for one girl. Tuitions and cost of materials vary from city to city and average roughly $175-$200 per girl. Any extra funding will be used  towards administrative costs for our office in Freetown, SL and in New York, NY.

When do I find out who I am sponsoring?
Upon processing your donation, Angels to Angels will match you up with one or more  of our current girls. Our U.S. Coordinators allocate girls to sponsors randomly. We will send you a photo of your ‘angel’ and basic information about her. You will also receive a thank you letter from her for your scholarship support and a reminder of when her birthday is..  You will be able to stay with the same girl through their graduation from high school. 

Can I contact my girl?
Yes, we encourage all of our sponsors to write letters or send pictures to their girl to A2Asl@hotmail.com.(will change to new email when we have domain emails set up) While it is not required, we find sending over such mementos further encourages our girls to be committed to their studies and benefits both sponsors and the girls.  The girls are truly delighted to hear from their sponsors.

Do I contact my girl directly?
No, for donator/sponsor privacy all letters and photos should be sent to the Angles to Angels Sierra Leone website.  We do not give last names or addresses of our sponsors to the girls.  If you want to send a holiday gift, a small gift can be sent to the New York office but we have found that the best way is to make a small donation and it is pooled so that everyone can receive a small gift. 

How do I get updates on my sponsored girl and Angels to Angels? 
One of our founders, Fatu Essay, visits Sierra Leone on a yearly basis. She was the beneficiary of such a program growing up in Freetown and knows all too well the need for your support. One of our staff, Saidu Sankoh, who lives  in Sierra Leone serves as our liaison.  He receives your emails or photos,  prints them  and delivers them to the girls. Also, if you request more photos of your girl, he is able to accommodate you.   We will  send a biannual newsletter about the organization keeping you updated on what we are doing but you can always check our website for updates or to find your girl’s birthdate.  

What is the educational responsibility of the sponsored girls?
Angels to Angels Sierra Leone expects them to attend school and do their schoolwork. Attendance is the key item.  Girls will be dropped if they cannot complete their grade after two attempts if lack of attendance is the reason for poor performance. Family circumstances are evaluated and taken under consideration - explanation for the leniency for allowing two tries. Their report cards are evaluated on an individual basis and family circumstances are taken under consideration.  We encourage one family member to also be available to discuss the importance of attendance and doing homework.  Unfortunately, many young girls in Sierra Leone have increasing household responsibilities as they mature.   It becomes difficult sometimes for them to put in the time to study. 

Who monitors the girls in Sierra Leone? 
The National Coordinator, Saidu Sankoh, and a team of volunteers monitor the girls in Sierra Leone. Fatu will also personally visit annually to monitor the program. 

Can I make a general donation to Angels to Angels? 
Yes, general donations to Angels to Angels will be used at the discretion of the officers.  Donations will be used for the administrative running of the organization, holiday gifts for the girls, etc. 

What are my obligation options as a sponsor?
Sponsorship is year to year, and we hope for sponsorships to last through high school.

What if I cannot continue my sponsorship? 
That is not a problem.  Just please contact Angels to Angels so that your sponsored girl can be reassigned to someone else.  Smaller donations can be pooled to assist the girls.

What happens after they graduate?
Some of the girls are able to continue in University but most are too poor to afford any extra classes.  Jobs are difficult to find but their chances are much better if they have a high school education.  At this time, we are hoping to use our new office in Freetown to offer computer classes which will give the girls skills that will increase their chances of finding employment. 

Many of our girls have gone on to take business classes after graduation, some are studying in the field of nursing.  We know that given the opportunity, a large portion would continue to improve their education but they are unable to afford it. 




Where is Sierra Leone? 
Sierra Leone is a country in West Africa. It is bordered by Guinea to the north and east, Liberia to the southeast, and the Atlantic Ocean to the west and southwest.

What kind of government is in place in Sierra Leone? 
Sierra Leone is a constitutional republic with a directly elected president.  It was a former colony of England. 

What are the educational struggles for girls in Sierra Leone? 
Poverty, male preference for continuing educational funding, teen pregnancies, marriage at a young age.

How many current girls are being sponsored by Angels to Angels? 
At the present time, 100 girls are being sponsored by Angels to Angels.

How old are the girls?
Ages 5 – 20 – Some older students are returning to school to finish after dropping out or had to deal with a teen pregnancy. 

Are they all at one school or several schools? 





What does it mean to have a 501c3 status?
Angels to Angels is a 501c3 organization which means it is recognized by the IRS as a charitable organization.  Your donation is 100% tax deductible.  

Who do I contact for general questions? 
Select the "Contact" tab above and send us your general questions/comments.  Our general email is info@angelstoangelsSL.com.

You can also reach us through our Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Angels-to-Angels-Sierra-Leone/180961238639285 

Who can I speak with in the U.S. to discuss my questions or concerns?
Please contact:
Fatu Bangura:  Fatu@angelstoangelsSL.com
Stephanie Pangia:  Steph@angelstoangelsSL.com
Sarah Johansson: info@angelstoangelsSL.com

Where can I learn more about education in Sierra Leone?
Check out these reports/ articles from other non profits and government organizations from around the world.

Street Child: Sierra Leone Report

Borgen Project: Education in Sierra Leone