Angels to Angels Opens an Office in Freetown!

Due to Government regulations, we were required to open an office in Freetown.  We have decided to make use of this space.  The opportunities it will afford our girls will be well worth our effort.  Many of them are graduating from high school and one of the major job skills they lack are computer skills (this is the case for graduating university students as well).  Computer and word processing skills will undoubtedly improve their ability to find employment.  We have purchased two computers and printers and will be hiring a part time instructor to give our qualifying graduates (and undergraduates) computer classes.  The girls who are interested will have to apply to take these classes and agree to help as staff for the tutoring center for our older girls to tutor/mentor our younger girls in our new office space.  This program will be launched in 2018.  The office has been funded/furnished from an anonymous donor.  We are very excited about helping our girls gain skills to improve their chances for employment.  Many of our girls who have graduated have asked for help to pay tuition for university and office skills classes, but we have been unable to offer them assistance thus far. 

Josh Neimark